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Traditional Food
Beach Bars
In the main beaches of Tarifa, there are various chiringuitos (straw hut beach bar) where you ...
Fast Food
Tarifa, Spain is famous for its fresh Tuna and other fish.
Italian Restaurants
Pizza / Italian Food
There are about 14 Pizzerias, each of them crowded in summer.
Take-out Food
After a hard day's sports, shopping, day at the beach, whatever!
Enjoy the magic rhythm of beer and Tapas in Tarifa, Spain!.
Wok Restaurants
Almost every Restaurant in Tarifa, Spain offers breakfast.
Vegetarian Restaurants
Tarifa has undeniably been influenced greatly by other cultures.
You might think you’re in France with multiple options you have to eat crepes.
Mexican Food, Tex-Mex
There are presently three Mexican restaurants in Tarifa.
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Andalusian gastronomy is characterised by its simplicity. Dishes are not known for their elaborate creation, but for their savoury seasoning of Mediterranean products.

The popular Gazpacho Andaluz embodies the most healthy ingredients in Mediterranean cooking; plates of Pescaito Frito (assortment of fried fish), Cocido Andaluz (typical stew), Rabo de Toro (tail of bull) or Papas Aliñá (seasoned potatoes), can't help but being wiped clean by pieces of local bread.

A charming and ingenious example of Andalusian cuisine is to be found in our popular and unique Tapas.

In Tarifa, besides the typical food, there are many more culinary options from other countries and cultures. You will taste the originality and mastery of chefs and enjoy the exotic and savoury aromas.

Some places you should not miss during your stay in Tarifa are the Hotel Arte Vida Miramar restaurant, (most expensive, but absolutely delicious), the Souk Restaurant, ("fusion" food, whatever that is, we like it, and for pizza "El Pomodoro". There are plenty of other great restaurants and hidden away places to eat in Town, let us know if you have some special suggestion.

Traditional Food
4 Infobox listings total of 19 » see all
Restaurante El Nata
Restaurante El Nata (Tarifa)
Vaca loca
Vaca loca (Tarifa)
Restaurante Punta Sur
Restaurante Punta Sur (Tarifa)
Restaurantes Lola Mora
Restaurantes Lola Mora (Tarifa)
Fast Food
4 Infobox listings total of 5 » see all
Restaurante Akme
Restaurante Akme (Tarifa)
Restaurante Solsticio
Restaurante Solsticio (Tarifa)
Surla (Tarifa)
Gunlao Restaurant
Gunlao Restaurant (Tarifa)
Beach Bars
4 Infobox listings total of 5 » see all
Tangana | Tarifa
Tangana | Tarifa (Tarifa)
Soul Beach Beach Bar
Soul Beach Beach Bar (Tarifa)
La Cabaña Beach Bar
La Cabaña Beach Bar (Tarifa)
Los Caracoles
Los Caracoles (Tarifa)
El Lentiscal, 1 Bajo‑ Bolonia  (956 68 85 23)
4 Infobox listings total of 13 » see all
Restaurante Las Campanas
Restaurante Las Campanas (Tarifa)
Meson el Perulero
Meson el Perulero (Tarifa)
Descubrelo  (+34 956681997)
San Jose del Vale
San Jose del Vale (Tarifa)
C N340, km 70  (+34 956687122)
Typical Spanish restaurant serving a wide variety of local dishes...[See more]
Las Rejas
Las Rejas (Tarifa)
Ctra. El Lentiscal,  (+34 956688546)
Pizza / Italian Food
4 Infobox listings total of 7 » see all
La Oca de Sergio Pizzeria
La Oca de Sergio Pizzeria (Tarifa)
The Oca de Sergi is a qualiy pizzeria which uses firewood ovens, Italian cheeses and meats, fresh fish and homemade desserts. We also have a fantastic outdoor terrace to enjoy your ...[See more]
Pizzeria Entre dos aguas
Pizzeria Entre dos aguas (Tarifa)
Pizzeria La Fuente
Pizzeria La Fuente (Tarifa)
Pizzeria Coyote
Pizzeria Coyote (Tarifa)
Take-out Food
4 Infobox listings total of 4 » see all
Aasador de pollos aurora
Aasador de pollos aurora (Tarifa)
Asador La Marina
Asador La Marina (Tarifa)
Chilimosa (Tarifa)
Italia nº 1
Italia nº 1 (Tarifa)
Huerta del Rey  (696 85 86 35)
It is located in the Huerta del Rey, just accross the road from the Guardia Civil[See more]
4 Infobox listings total of 9 » see all
Bar El Frances
Bar El Frances (Tarifa)
Bar de tapas El Feo
Bar de tapas El Feo (Tarifa)
Bar de Tapas Anca Curro
Bar de Tapas Anca Curro (Tarifa)
El Lola Tapas
El Lola Tapas (Tarifa)
Vegetarian Restaurants
1 Infobox listings total of 1 » see all
Restaurante Eco Center
Restaurante Eco Center (Tarifa)
2 Infobox listings total of 2 » see all
Sirocco (Tarifa)
Cafe Azul
Cafe Azul (Tarifa)
Batalla de Salado, 2 
1 Infobox listings total of 1 » see all
Créperie Santa Fe
Créperie Santa Fe (Tarifa)
Mexican Food, Tex-Mex
3 Infobox listings total of 3 » see all
Restaurante 100% Fun
Restaurante 100% Fun (Tarifa)
Cantina La Cuadra
Cantina La Cuadra (Tarifa)
Restaurante Quirigua
Restaurante Quirigua (Tarifa)
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