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Car search
Regular Cars
Regular car rentals in Tarifa, hires from Malaga, Seville, Jerez and Gibraltar to Tarifa.
Hire a minibus for your holiday with family or a big group of friends from Malaga, Seville, ...
Class TT1-TT2: from Suzuki Samurai to Mitsubishi Galloper.
High class of Luxury Cars
Hire a luxury car in Malaga, Seville, Jerez or Gibraltar and drive to Tarifa
Automatic cars
Class EA-JA; Our wide range of automatic cars include: Renault Clios, Opel Vectras and Ford ...
Convertibles- Cabrio
Class HC & IC: convertibles are a popular choice; these cars are perfect for the sunny climate ...
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In Tarifa there are no Car Rental offices, with the nearest situated in the outskirts of Algeciras (only 20km from Tarifa) where you will be able to find cheap car hire. Algeciras is easy to get to from Tarifa, with regular bus connections and taxis between the two towns.

Below you will find the best car rentals at the best prices in Tarifa! You can choose to rent your car from the airports closest to Tarifa (Sevilla, Malaga and Jerez) or from the centre of Algeciras.

After being given an overview of the different cars available, you will then be taken to a screen where you can complete your quick online reservation.

OFFER: Cheap car hire from ¤70 a week during low season!!

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Car Hire
1 Infobox listings total of 1 » see all
Tarirent (Tarifa)
Regular Cars
4 Infobox listings total of 7 » see all
Class F
Class F (Tarifa)
Ford Focus State Car, Mercedes Classe A, Opel Astra (automát.), Megane Scenic.[See more]
Class G
Class G (Tarifa)
Alfa Romeo 156, Opel Vectra, Alfa 147.[See more]
Class E
Class E (Tarifa)
Ford Focus, Renault Megane, Renault Clio, Seat Leon, Fiat Punto (automát.), Seat Cordoba, Peugeot 307.[See more]
Class C
Class C (Tarifa)
Seat Ibiza, Honda Jazz, Peugeot 206, VW Polo, Ford Fiesta[See more]
3 Infobox listings total of 3 » see all
Class TT3 4x4
Class TT3 4x4 (Tarifa)
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport[See more]
TT2 (Tarifa)
Suzuki Jimmy[See more]
Class TT1 4x4
Class TT1 4x4 (Tarifa)
Suzuki Samuai[See more]
3 Infobox listings total of 3 » see all
Class J
Class J (Tarifa)
Ford Galaxy, Seat Alhambra[See more]
Class I
Class I (Tarifa)
Minivan, Opel Zafira[See more]
Class H
Class H (Tarifa)
Opel Zafira, VW Transport, Honda Stream, Hyunday H-1...[See more]
Automatic cars
4 Infobox listings total of 5 » see all
Class JA
Class JA (Tarifa)
Ford Galaxy[See more]
Class HA
Class HA (Tarifa)
Opel Zafira[See more]
Class GA Automatic
Class GA Automatic (Tarifa)
Opel Vectra[See more]
Class FA Automatic 5 doors
Class FA Automatic 5 doors (Tarifa)
Opel Astra ...[See more]
High class of Luxury Cars
4 Infobox listings total of 5 » see all
Luxury Cabriolets
Luxury Cabriolets (Tarifa)
Saab for wedding hire with four seats and many more for your wedding day![See more]
Class L4 Comfort
Class L4 Comfort (Tarifa)
VW Touareg V-10[See more]
Class L2 Luxury
Class L2 Luxury (Tarifa)
BMW 530, Mercedes E-270.[See more]
Large family car Class L3
Large family car Class L3 (Tarifa)
VW Touareg R-5, Mercedes S-320.[See more]
Convertibles- Cabrio
2 Infobox listings total of 2 » see all
Class-ic (Tarifa)
Peugeot 307[See more]
Class HC Cabriolets Deluxe
Class HC Cabriolets Deluxe (Tarifa)
Opel Astra[See more]
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